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So exciting, Boo and Doo Save the Day is currently #1. Check it out on Amazon.

currently #1

currently #1




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On Amazon.com

Fly High, Hammie Hawk

Fly High, Hammie Hawk


In an imaginary world, a teenage bird named Hammie Hawk moves to a new town with his mom and little sister to live with his grandfather after the tragic death of his father. Follow his tale as he faces the “Hard Boiled Eggs Gang” and the mystery of “the cat”.
Fly High, Hammie Hawk is a junior novel of 11,288 words.

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The Gift of Christmas

The Gift of Christmas


Christmas is coming! Oh joy, what cheer! For certainly, it is the best time of year.

As Christmas draws near, two lion cub brothers, Zout and Zappy, think they know the true happiness of this holiday: getting presents! But as the day goes by, they encounter many other animals who show them that there is more to Christmas than that.





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When Bear Came Down the Mountain




Bear wakes from his hibernation ready for something new. He comes down the mountain and meets the cows, the beavers and an old dog, but they all warn him away. How can Bear learn new things when the humans are afraid?






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Jay Goes Camping



Jay the dragon is going to Camp Cast Away!  But, Jay has never been camping before. He doesn’t think it sounds that great…and he might be a little afraid.  Still, his friends are going and so shall he.  What will happen?  Will he have any fun or will he be too scared to join in?

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Jay Goes To New York City



Jay is on his way to the pretty New York City. Jay just wants to play, but anywhere a dragon’s face is sure to scare. Don’t give up Jay, you’re on holiday!

Will Jay have a good time? Will he be able to make any friends? Find out in this beautifully illustrated story told in rhyme.





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Drake just wants to play with all the other kids, but he has a bit of a problem: Drake is a dragon. How can he show them that he’d be a good friend? Or maybe he’s just too scared to try. Poor Drake. Find out what happens to him in this fun story told in rhyme, accompanied by beautiful illustrations.Drake

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Princess Sofia is missing! Where, oh where could she be? The princess’s birthday party is starting soon and all the lords and ladies of the land will be attending. Maybe Becky the servant girl can find her. But, maybe the princess does not really want to go to the party. What can Becky do? Well, first she’ll have to find Sofia! Follow along with this beautifully illustrated story about friendship and being oneself.




The Missing Princess on Amazon.com

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