22. November 2012 · Comments Off on 5 Stars review for Playtime with Monster · Categories: Ebooks

* * * * * Cutest children’s book ever!

I read a lot. Every day I read a lot, and out of every children’s book I have seen…well, ever…this is hands down the best of the best. My kids fell completely in love with this book from the very first page. The pictures are great and the story is even better. I have bought a lot of kids books for the kindle in the last year and been disappointed with a number of them because the story was too short or too long or the pictures looked lousy on the kindle, but this one was perfect. The story was just long enough to keep the kinds entertained without them getting bored. The end of this book was a surprise even to the adults in the house and made all of us smile. The kids insisted that we keep this one and read it again. If you have kids, I highly recommend downloading this wonderful book!

Alex is bored! He doesn’t want to clean up the house, he just wants to play. Then, Alex gets an idea. He will be Sir Alex! He’ll ride on his horse and travel to the village, where a Toy-Stealing Terrible Troll has been seen. Why is the Troll stealing toys? What will Alex do to get the toys back? Find out in this light and fun bedtime story.