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Ew! There’s a spider in my shoe! There are many things I don’t like, but spiders are the worst! Oh, it’s not because of their many fuzzy legs or their creepy crawly smiles. No, no. The reason that spiders are the worst is because…

Read along in this humorous rhyme to find out why this kid dislikes spiders.

A gross-out humor and addictive rhymes will have spider lovers and haters alike laughing out loud at this hilarious picture book.

Fully illustrated eBook, for ages 2 years and up.



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Selena is the littlest fairy. Tired of always being last among the fairies, she leaves Amdyth Forest in search of a new home. She travels through many enchanted lands, encountering fantastical creatures along the way.

Follow along as Selena searches for a new home in this fun and entertaining tale.

This picture book is great for beginner readers. It contains 1,680 words.